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You Are Not Alone – Part 2 of 2

The loss of someone truly special, whether unexpected or expected, threatens our livelihood as we find ourselves stumbling to find our balance, searching desperately to cope with the hole ripped out of our hearts and souls. We feel abandoned and hopelessly lost, unable to sort through the jumbled mess of emotions as we spiral deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole…

What do you do when your confidant, friend, lover, father, son, or companion is suddenly gone? No one can possibly fill that black void of despair and longing. After all, it was their unique qualities that pinned you together like a key and lock, matched perfectly to your commonalities and life’s journey. And with their departure, your journey comes to a stand-still and each step forward is agonizing for the weight of the loss pulls you toward the darkness as well…

But what I’ve come to learn, is there are ways to alleviate the burden of loss and once again feel close to your loved ones.

When I lost my father my spirit was broken, and I succumbed to all the tempting perils of an emotional driven, writhing sea.  My thoughts whirled with an abundance of guilt and fear, and I felt myself drowning in the what-if’s and could-of-been’s, unable to shake the feeling that I did something wrong or could of done something more. Rather than accepting the natural progression of life, I took the weight of death upon my shoulders, and I was crumbling fast for death is not something you can fight… It’s the way of the world, and by choosing to live we must accept the fact that we all will die.

There is no shame in dying.

The moment I stopped fighting and let the inevitable sink in, I was finally able to move forward without the shackles of death holding me back. My spirit was suddenly lighter, and I felt almost luminescent for I was finally healed…

And this realization of the beauty of healing led me on this fulfilling path of inspiration and enlightenment. Death may be all around us, but the joys and beauty from those we love are more powerful and dazzling. Fond memories can warm our hearts, and flowers laid by a grave site are magnificent hints of color in an otherwise dreary place. In truth, the simple act of visiting the final resting place of someone we love can bring immediate comfort, for we feel both physical and spiritual closeness.

Each and every time I drive by the memorial park close to my home, the bustling people and bright lights of the city dim, and a wave of serenity washes over me… To witness hundreds of people paying their respects, asking for advice, recounting day’s events, and simply being present is a truly monumental, awe-inspiring sight. Each person has a story to tell, a lesson to impart, or words of wisdom to help lessen the severity of death. It’s a remarkable trait of life that everything comes full circle… the people who suffered from the loss of someone special search for knowledge and understanding to overcome their grief, which they receive from others who once grieved from a similar loss.

Life may be fleeting and delicate, but the conscious network that binds us all together is unwavering and impregnable. When someone departs this world and we are left feeling lonely and hopeless, we must remember that help is readily available from our fellow sufferers. They become the stars blinking in the black, expansive blanket of death, with twinkling rays of hope to guide us through the tough times…

So, as you can see… whether spiritually or physically… We are never alone, and that is something to rejoice in.

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