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You Are Not Alone – Part 1 of 2

As each year flashes by in a blink of an eye, it’s hard to discern personal growth, and yet the moments of complete misery and solitude stand apart like lightning bugs in the midnight sky. True, our greatest achievements and triumphs stand at the forefront of our minds’ eye, but the instances when we are stripped down to our most intimate fears and anxieties never leave us. These are the times when we feel completely vulnerable and utterly alone… And why is that? Why do we always assume we are alone in our struggles? It’s a tragedy that everyone suffers, and only in moments of complete clarity do we remember that we are never truly alone.

I too experience bouts of helplessness and self-pitying emotions of loneliness. True, it’s in the comfort and solidarity of my office or home (as it is with all of us), but nonetheless I’m brought down by my anxieties and fears. Stress from work, pressure from family and friends, and obligations to co-workers and partners all culminate in one giant ball of tension, setting my nerves on end.

And during these moments of extreme external pressure we all succumb to the negativity and sink into darkness…

Unknowingly our minds spiral us into the depths of despair and invoke memories of anguish, adding intense emotions from tragedies past into the jumbled mess of our current dilemmas. Some of us cry, others stare into the distance lost in the onslaught of pain, or some of us get angry… Like the brash and emotionally driven adolescents we once were, we get angry at the loss of self-control, livid that circumstances are not proceeding according to our will, and infuriated at the overwhelming sense of loneliness.

We are transported back to the worst of the worst, the root of our anguish, the lowest of the low… It is the moment when we lost everything; the moment when a loved one past from this world into the next. And then, our despair is no longer just a reaction to the mundane stressors of life, it becomes an embodiment of our past agony, and once again a sense of helplessness settles in.

But in places of such darkness, all one needs to do is search for that glimmer of hope; the light at the end of the tunnel…

The ultimate truth is we are never alone. Memories of family and friends are kept alive through the simple act of remembering. They are living aspects of us for they touched our souls and we will carry their imprints forever. To a certain degree, the age old cliché of “gone but never forgotten” holds value and an undying truth. As long as we take moments to remember, those we lost will continue to thrive within our minds’ eye.

So when negativity, stress, anxiety and gloom rein terror on the mood and atmosphere, just remember to look inward to find a saving grace. Take a second to just breathe and decompress, releasing the bad to find the good, and realize you are not alone in your struggles.

It’s a lesson that goes straight to the heart. When you’re at your wits ends and have no answers left and the pain of the past comes rushing in, take control and let the spirits of those lost lift your soul…

So as I sit here at my cluttered desk, annoyed that I can’t find my pen or the stapler in my mess, I pause and let the memories of those I love flit across my mind… and a smile spreads across my face because I am not alone, and people I lost really aren’t that far out of reach either…



One Response to “You Are Not Alone – Part 1 of 2”

  1. stirnews.com Says:

    Dead Loved Ones Remain Close To Help With Daily Struggles | Welcome to Daven Michaels’ Blog…

    In death loved ones do not disappear. We must remember this when times get hard and we feel alone. Reminiscing the good times will keep those we lost close….

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