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Wipe the Slate Clean

Rainy days are not something most southern Californians embrace… Everything is wet and slick, so we tend to slip and fall and our normal activities are hindered by the blurring atmosphere and the crowded streets. Being stuck behind an endless line of red brake lights become entire afternoon affairs, and by the time we reach our destinations we are too on edge and irritated to accomplish anything. We curse Mother Nature and shake our fists at the sky, demanding for the sun to appear to break apart the heavy clouds and the dismal, grey world.  But our protests go ignored and the pitter-patter of raindrops continue their soothing rhythm on rooftops, and eventually we accept the cocooned world, wrapped in the embrace of heavy clouds, swirling wind and spiraling droplets.

In truth, the rain provides a comforting respite from the mundane passage of time. Everything is refreshed and we can look at the sparkling world with wonder and appreciation, for it is how nature intended.  The muck, dirt and grime of the streets are washed away, and the suffocating layer of smog is blown away for a brief moment, but in time we know the pollution will build up, turning the clean streets and clear skies into an unwelcoming shade of brown…

But I guess that’s the cycle of life…

Every once in a while we are granted moments of reprieve, like the cleansing of the rain, where we can reflect on our lives with a clear conscious and face all the demons we try so desperately to hide.

Let’s face it, we all do things we’re not proud of, and learn what not to do from our biggest mistakes. It’s not a new concept; learning the wrongs of life through experience is the only way we understand regret and the only way we become aware of our own flaws. But it’s the moments of pure embarrassment and irresponsibility that we wish to forget and sweep under the rug, hoping to hide them forever. But these moments of shame lie like splinters in our brains… Hidden but never truly forgotten.

Moments of pure disgrace are so jarring that we feel them in our souls. We’re not simply ashamed of our actions, we’re ashamed of ourselves, and reliving such agonizing moments is scary and uncomfortable because it tears us down to our most weakened state. When you can’t come to terms with what you’ve done, you can never stand tall and be confident with your persona.

The only way to evolve is to bite the bullet and open up your personal Pandora’s Box. Face your demons, learn from your insecurities, and release the heavy burden of shame and regret.

I’ve discovered that days when the sky is wet and grey to be the most empowering for personal reflection. A sense of solitude is evoked from the dreary weather, allowing me to reflect on my flaws without the anxiety of being seen. I am able to face what I’m most ashamed of and overcome the emotional terror attached to each demon…

Rather than allowing regrets cut deeper into my soul, I bring each one to the surface and brush them away, letting the currents of life sweep them into oblivion, and all that’s left is the lesson learned.

So, as a bon-a-fide southern Californian, I have learned to treasure the pounding rain against the glass, the howling wind outside my door and the dark frothy skies. For you see, Mother Nature has provided the atmosphere for serious inner reflection, and I will never pass-up a life lesson or the opportunity for personal growth.



3 Responses to “Wipe the Slate Clean”

  1. ashley123 Says:

    I have really appreciated this article.. it tells more about that we need to value what God has given us, water is life but we also needs light to survive.. God want us to live in a balance way of life..

  2. ashley123 Says:

    I have learned a lot and I enjoy reading this article I like this one “aware of our own flaws” great !

  3. MIMI Says:

    Food for the soul… I appreciate the deep thought this article would gave you. Can’t wait to read more articles and the next to this.

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