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We Are All One

Embracing Different Cultural Values

Certain moments in life bring about a revolution of ideas and resurrect valuable lessons that have been locked away in the recesses of the mind until a particular catalyst brings them forth, making one look at the world differently. The moments of realization turns into times of reflection, and one emerges more enlightened and appreciative of life, becoming empowered to venture out and face the intricate machinery of society…

I have traveled the world over and witnessed the subtle yet complex commonalities of seemingly different cultures. People may look different, speak in a different tongue and place undying value in ideas that seem utterly nonsensical, but beneath all these appearances and presumptions there is a common bond of humanity that enables strangers to welcome that which is strange and incomprehensible.

Wear Green And Be Merry

I’ve always known I was meant to accomplish more than what’s expected, and I’ve been lucky to reach unbelievable feats of achievement, but the truest form of success is measured by the partnerships and friendships I’ve made with genuinely unique individuals. It’s what other people can bring to the table that’s important because it provides the opportunity to learn and connect to the previously unknown, expanding consciousness and spreading wisdom.

Living in Los Angeles I find myself floating within a huge melting pot of clashing cultures and ideas, and yet there is an underlying foundation of acceptance and tolerance. At one point everyone was lost and confused, doing anything and everything they could to earn success…

I too had to scratch and claw my way to the top and now, looking down at all my triumphs and pitfalls I find the most joy in the times with friends and family. Those are the moments that bond to my soul and what I will cherish and carry with me everywhere I go…

So go out and enjoy; embrace the opportunities to spend with people that lift spirits and fulfill the heart’s desire for acceptance and love. Celebrate whenever the time calls for it, and smile often to pay respect to those who lift the soul.

Now is the time to indulge in the pleasure of company and participate in the events that bring strangers together. This weekend especially is a time of merriment and togetherness brought about by a worldwide acceptance of an ancient Irish holiday. Race, color, religious preference and political values are no matter, for everyone can come together in a clash of bright greens, shamrock décor, and extraordinary amounts of beer and whiskey.

Love Thy Neighbor

Growing up in Orange County I was exposed to the lavish parties of the elite, and living in LA I have witnessed the out-of-control shenanigans of the youth high on life… and anything else that may up-the-ante for that matter. And although such unmitigated mayhem is exhilarating and truly stimulating, I’ve discovered that a balance between the two worlds is what’s truly invigorating to the mind.

So as I sit and ponder the unique properties of Saint Patrick’s Day, a holiday that brings the world together in merriment and celebration, and at times complete chaos, I can’t help but look forward to pushing aside the mundane obligations of life and enjoying a day of unrestricted fun…

For we are all one; joined together by a collective conscious that values closeness and understanding and promotes individuality. Even in death, those lost are folded into the network of minds and will always be present, watching, participating and enjoying in all that we do.




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