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Red, White and Bright Lights

Remembering the Free

It’s been over a decade since the tragic events of 9/11 unfolded before our nation and the world’s eyes in a plume of smoke, ash, fuel, fire and death. Billowing forth from the rubble and destruction was a wave of searing pain and agonizing anger that snapped our peaceful and naive existence back to the demons of reality. Within a single moment we were reminded that security is arbitrary, and the ideals of freedom can be broken with one violent act. Once again our freedoms, liberties, and lives were at risk, and the brave souls of men and women, young and old alike, marched into an acrid, cruel and unknown world to fight for and once again secure our sovereignties.

That was nearly 11 years ago, and although the horrific events are forever etched into the back of our mind’s eye, their potency has become lost in the workings of everyday life and everyday struggles. The initial shockwave and its aftershocks have faded into the recesses of the underworld, buried beneath a heavy layer of financial burdens, political upheaval, and family woes. The immediacy of life has become far too important to the world, and events and lessons of the past are all but forgotten.

Now is the time to remember. Our freedoms were forged from the blood, pain, and determination of those fighting for separation from the British crown; and now we struggle for the freedom to live and pursue our happiness…

The meaning of the Fourth of July retains the same power as it did back in in 1770’s, and we mustn’t tarnish the integrity of this great day by only drinking and being merry…

Celebrate with Understanding

Make no qualms about it; the 4th of July is certainly a day of celebration and fun. Planning a massive barbecue before night falls and spectacular fireworks light up the sky, is part of the American dream. My childhood wouldn’t have been complete without the yearly firework ritual; driving to a secretive lookout or finding a place on a jammed packed beach to watch the show was always a favorite venture of mine. And in all honesty, canoodling with a lover beneath the fiery night sky is undoubtedly one of the most romantic things to do.

The 4th should bring about carefree, intimate and joyous occasions. It’s a time to connect, spend quality time with those you care about, and celebrate the freedom of our nation. For we are all connected, young and old, rich and poor, civilian and veteran, by the fabric of freedom that binds our great country together…

Smoky, Starry Sky

And freedom is a virtue I value tremendously. Every day I am free to decide what’s best for me, my business, and my home… well usually at least, as my family tends to boss me around from time to time…

But in the grand scheme of things, I have the power to choose. This wonderfully complex, at times utterly stressful and other times inexplicably beautiful and forever progressive life I’ve built exists because of my choices.

Because I live in a world that promotes freedom, I’m given the opportunity to make my envisioned dreams a reality I can touch and feel.

I am in debt to those that provide such a luxury…

I am free; we all are, because of what our ancestors fought for, and what our soldiers continue to fight for…

So, after the fireworks, when you look up to the night sky and watch as the smoke drifts from view, take a moment to remember the true meaning of our Independence Day.

5 Responses to “Red, White and Bright Lights”

  1. audrey snipes Says:

    We are indeed lucky in this generation, we need not to worry of anything, because we are free. And it is very true, thanks to our ancestors and soldiers too…

  2. Ariane White Says:

    Great article Daven. I am so touched and looked back the past, with big admiration of our Forefathers who fought and gave their lives for us to have this Freedom that we are enjoying now. Thank you for such an enlightening post.

  3. evangeline enriquez Says:

    This is a great awakening article to all of us. Thanks Daven…

  4. jennifer stuart Says:

    Another great write-up Daven; keep it up…

  5. cruz roxy Says:

    Yes, we are so free, we can go anywhere without any fear. We can do whatever we want, we can live the life that we wanted, and enjoy our very own choice on anything. But why there are still some who choose to be lonely and live a life that is full of worries? Life is what we make, we are the one who take control of everything, because we are free.
    I hope everyone could read this… Thank you Daven.

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