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Quotes of a Lifetime

It’s funny how the clichés in life that we once scoffed at, truly create a strong foundation for do-gooders and go-getters. All those random sayings that teachers, parents, and family elders would throw in our faces, actually were worth listening too and following. Because now, in our older age; we strive to reach such simple ideals and uphold such simple values. If only we understood the importance of those mundane clichés at an earlier age… imagine where we would be and where the world would be now. But alas, teenagers are meant to be teenagers and adults, adults, and the youth will continue to ignore the advice we now know is legit.

Because now, I find myself using the once annoying quotes as stepping stones on my path to success and happiness. They truly are words of wisdom that have carried on through the ages, and for a good reason… they speak the truth. And for people who want to do-good and achieve personal greatness, a path of honesty can lead them farther than a path of deceit.

But as a young kid, honesty wasn’t a top priority of mine, as I’m sure it wasn’t for many of you. Building the perfect obstacle course for my remote control car or finding a way to sneak an Oreo from the cookie jar were my main focuses. Besides, I hadn’t seen enough of the world to comprehend the negativity and deceitfulness it carries. And so, all those words of wisdom were lost to me; they went in one ear and out the other… after all, how could words hold more power than the coolness of my toy collection?

Even in junior high and high school, when truth and dishonesty were ideals all teenagers gambled with, the old, fuddy-duddy words of my superiors couldn’t strike a chord with me because fighting against authority was a priority. Why do anything or take anything seriously from adults bent on ruining my life and telling me what to do?

And then I became an entrepreneur…

I had to focus my energy and ideals, learn how to impress the right people and more importantly, gain their respect, and figure out how to build a business from the ground up on my own.

During this time all those annoying sayings, everything that was said to me to try and teach me lesson, all those clichés suddenly made sense and carried power…

“Actions speak louder than words;” “Treat others how you’d like to be treated;” “Don’t count your chickens before they are hatched;” “Rome wasn’t built in a day;” ALL became valid ideals and platforms to build my emerging business.

Only by doing something and completing various tasks would people believe my written proposals; being sincere and appreciative of fellow businessman would earn me their respect; never assuming my gains would keep my business in balance; and never giving up hope, working every day, and retaining a high level of patience would help my business dreams become a reality.

So as you see, those clichés and annoying sayings carry the weight and truth of generations. We’ve all heard them, numerous times at least, and whether they reverberate within your being or not, I’ve learned the hard way, of their steadfast truth…

So for all you youngsters out there; don’t mock your elders, because one day you’ll realize and appreciate the truth to their words of wisdom…

One Response to “Quotes of a Lifetime”

  1. John Cyrill Cortez Says:

    This is such a good article. I want to think the person behind of this. Every person who will read this. will realized how beautiful and meaningful our life is. I was so blessed to be enlightened by this quotes today. Thank you!

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