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Archive for the ‘Relationships’ Category

Lessons to Relive: My Favorite Characters

Tuesday, October 9th, 2012

Everyone has their own tragic story. Bad things, sad things, and depressing things happen to everyone – it’s inescapable. How one handles such travesty and negativity though, is a true testament to their character and faith…

By the age of 18 Stephanie had lost both of her beloved parents. Each was taken from her by an unexpected, yet simple, mistake of life; and though she technically became orphaned, Stephanie lived on with a resolve, love and understanding of life that has become truly enlightening…

It all started with a car accident.

As a young woman Stephanie’s mother was hit by a drunk driver, and though she healed from her wounds, her body and mind never fully recovered. Her career as a model ended suddenly, and she was left alone and unprotected. But life had something else in store for her; a loving family and a new career as a caring, endearing mother…

In a few years Stephanie’s mom was married to a man 22 years her senior – an unlikely couple, but one that flourished under the circumstances. As a broken women Stephanie’s mother found security, and Stephanie’s father found love and family.

But nothing is perfect. Due to health complications Stephanie’s mother couldn’t handle the extreme heat of Phoenix, Arizona, and so she moved herself and her daughter to the milder climate of Prescott, 110 miles away. The long distance relationship was trying, but the family made it work. Mother and daughter would find companionship with each other during the week, and on weekends Stephanie’s father would fly in and the family would enjoy a structured lifestyle.

It was a schizophrenic lifestyle for the young Stephanie, due to the constant shift between playful weekdays and rigid weekends, but nothing an adaptable child couldn’t handle. Unfortunately, such fluctuations were difficult for Stephanie’s mother, especially during her relapses of chronic pain. On such days, she would lie in bed and endure the harsh words of a bratty Stephanie who just wanted to play…

At her young age Stephanie just didn’t understand the effects loneliness and physical pain could have on a damaged woman, and when her mother went in for a routine colonic treatment and returned home sick, Stephanie couldn’t help but feel disgusted. Little did she know that during the checkup, her mother’s colon was punctured… and by the time her mother was brought to the hospital it was too late… even surgery couldn’t help…

Stephanie was 15 was her mom passed.

The following year was one of hardship and emptiness. But a bright light came in the form of Grace; a sweet, gentle and helpful soul that brought the family back together. She was perfect for Stephanie’s father, and in time things settled into place. But the new family’s happiness was short lived… A year after the marriage, Stephanie lost her father in a snowstorm. His plane simply disappeared and only a few fragments were found the following spring.

So before the age of 18, Stephanie had lost both of her parents.

To this day she is still handing and dealing with the shock and pain of such a tragedy, but in a manner that brings hope and light into the world.

You see, Stephanie describes her parents as beloved characters in her favorite book. Though their story is finished and put back on the shelf, their lessons and adoration are carried on forever. No matter where Stephanie goes or what she decides to do, her parents are right there with her. And in a way they are constantly feeding her information and providing her their support… their wisdom becomes her inspiration, fed to her in her dreams, in a realm where both parties can unconsciously meet.

The forces of the world are truly powerful and at times completely incomprehensible; but bottom line is Stephanie never feels alone. Both her playful, lonely mother and structured, organized father are by her side, through thick and thin, and with every step she takes…

And at the end of the day, we all have our own stories to live and our own tragedies to overcome, but if Stephanie has taught us anything; it’s that we always have the support of those who love us, and that the story never truly ends…

The Big Picture In Small Print

Friday, August 10th, 2012

Trying to encompass the logistics of the world in a single conversation is like trying to eat a whole bag of marshmallows and still spit out “chubby bunny!” It’s overwhelming, rather ridiculous, tends to get messy, and in the end you wined-up a slobbering fool. The world is simply too complex, too big and too chaotic to fit in a singular idea, and those who do, find themselves sputtering and stammering to defend their incomplete thoughts.

Life isEVERTHING we see, hear, touch, and feel. And not just in the physical sense, it includes the metaphysical as well. Think about it… What is an emotion? What is a soul? Neither is something we can grasp onto, but we know undeniably they exist. We feel it in our gut, in every heartbeat, and in every fleeting moment when our minds wander into the unknown.So how can anyone describe what they see and feel without creating a complete set of encyclopedias? I certainly can’t, and I wouldn’t try too; but there are a few important bullet points concerning life and the world I do ponder on, hoping to adjust my grip on reality and stabilize my own fluctuating existence.

Love, Relationships and Compromise

In my eyes, relationships are a cornerstone to life. They can make or, for a period of time, break you. Finding the right person doesn’t necessarily complete you (as we are all one in ourselves), but compliments all that is good in you and helps you become the best person you can be. It’s about finding someone for the ride; someone who can reach for the highs, and climb up from the lows. And once your compliment is found, you must hold on for dear life. But we all know that accomplishing such a huge feat – finding and keeping a man or woman in your life – is a highly difficult task…

Relationships are beyond complicating. They are different for every person, and because people constantly change and evolve, relationships are in a continual flux… But I’m going straight to the heart of things. If you don’t have love, your relationship will eventually crumple, but if you don’t have trust, love can never flourish and grow. In a sense, trust is the cornerstone to a relationship. When trust fails, people feel cheated and eventually everything is called into question.

Sadly, I’ve been watching this drama unfold among many of my close friends, and I can’t help but be drawn in…

I don’t know… maybe it’s just the hot weather making everyone cranky, but a flood of relationship difficulties is pounding on my door, and I’m desperately looking for a solution.

“All the world is made of faith, and trust, and pixie dust.”

If only we could, “never grow up,” and live in a world with magic and the innocence of childhood. When we were young trusting those we loved was natural. There were no questions because we’d never been hurt. Fast-forward a couple decades and now we’ve turned into bitter and pained old souls who believe in self-preservation where any hint of betrayal can turn into a relationship meltdown.

But that’s not the point in life…

We shouldn’t live in fear. And although trust is a fear and makes us vulnerable, it’s key to our success. After all, didn’t our parents always say relationships were about compromise?

We have to compromise our independence and learn to find happiness in others. No more self-medicating. When you find the right person, let go of your insecurities and trust that they love you too.

When both people trust a relationship it becomes unbreakable, and even at the lowest of lows when the love waivers, the trust will keep it all together.

I guess that’s what I’d tell my friends who are struggling through the summer heat and the storm of an argument… Remember the trust you built, and you can once again build a truly amazing relationship. Trust might not be everything to a relationship, but it’s a good place as any to work on and cultivate.

We Are All One

Tuesday, March 20th, 2012

Embracing Different Cultural Values

Certain moments in life bring about a revolution of ideas and resurrect valuable lessons that have been locked away in the recesses of the mind until a particular catalyst brings them forth, making one look at the world differently. The moments of realization turns into times of reflection, and one emerges more enlightened and appreciative of life, becoming empowered to venture out and face the intricate machinery of society…

I have traveled the world over and witnessed the subtle yet complex commonalities of seemingly different cultures. People may look different, speak in a different tongue and place undying value in ideas that seem utterly nonsensical, but beneath all these appearances and presumptions there is a common bond of humanity that enables strangers to welcome that which is strange and incomprehensible.

Wear Green And Be Merry

I’ve always known I was meant to accomplish more than what’s expected, and I’ve been lucky to reach unbelievable feats of achievement, but the truest form of success is measured by the partnerships and friendships I’ve made with genuinely unique individuals. It’s what other people can bring to the table that’s important because it provides the opportunity to learn and connect to the previously unknown, expanding consciousness and spreading wisdom.

Living in Los Angeles I find myself floating within a huge melting pot of clashing cultures and ideas, and yet there is an underlying foundation of acceptance and tolerance. At one point everyone was lost and confused, doing anything and everything they could to earn success…

I too had to scratch and claw my way to the top and now, looking down at all my triumphs and pitfalls I find the most joy in the times with friends and family. Those are the moments that bond to my soul and what I will cherish and carry with me everywhere I go…

So go out and enjoy; embrace the opportunities to spend with people that lift spirits and fulfill the heart’s desire for acceptance and love. Celebrate whenever the time calls for it, and smile often to pay respect to those who lift the soul.

Now is the time to indulge in the pleasure of company and participate in the events that bring strangers together. This weekend especially is a time of merriment and togetherness brought about by a worldwide acceptance of an ancient Irish holiday. Race, color, religious preference and political values are no matter, for everyone can come together in a clash of bright greens, shamrock décor, and extraordinary amounts of beer and whiskey.

Love Thy Neighbor

Growing up in Orange County I was exposed to the lavish parties of the elite, and living in LA I have witnessed the out-of-control shenanigans of the youth high on life… and anything else that may up-the-ante for that matter. And although such unmitigated mayhem is exhilarating and truly stimulating, I’ve discovered that a balance between the two worlds is what’s truly invigorating to the mind.

So as I sit and ponder the unique properties of Saint Patrick’s Day, a holiday that brings the world together in merriment and celebration, and at times complete chaos, I can’t help but look forward to pushing aside the mundane obligations of life and enjoying a day of unrestricted fun…

For we are all one; joined together by a collective conscious that values closeness and understanding and promotes individuality. Even in death, those lost are folded into the network of minds and will always be present, watching, participating and enjoying in all that we do.




Riding with the Light

Saturday, August 13th, 2011

With the weekend fast approaching I realized that I didn’t have any plans.  It was a couple minutes past four on Friday and I was sitting at my desk.  Everything was put away and there was nothing really more I could do.  The last two months had flashed passed in a dizzying blur of nonstop work.  I’d gotten a tremendous amount done, but as I sat there desperately needing something to work on, it dawned on me why I didn’t have any plans for the weekend.

As soon as these sullen thoughts crept into my mind I tried to ignore them by turning on the news.  I just sort of looked at the segments as they careened across my computer screen.  The riots in London, the crumbling American economy, more soldiers killed in Afghanistan and the soul crushing famine in the Horn of Africa—all of it was just too much to bear.  But as the broadcast segued closer to the more uplifting stories that it always features near the end, I saw something I hadn’t thought about in years.

Right on schedule the Perseid meteor shower was going to be streaking across the sky for the whole weekend.  You can see it somewhat toward the end of July, but it hits its magnificent peak from August 9th through the 14th.  Those closest to me know I can get so easily wrapped up in growing my various businesses that I sometimes lose sight of what truly matters, but this is more a testament to my tireless dedication and unyielding work ethic than to who I really am.

I immediately picked up the phone and called my girlfriend.  I was planning on leaving a rather sweet message because (a) I’d been neglecting her a little over these past few weeks and although she understood why, I knew she wasn’t happy about it, and (b) I just didn’t think she’d answer my call.  But to my surprise she did and I practically begged her to let me see her that evening.  Luckily for me she acquiesced to my request, so I headed straight over to the supermarket and bought everything I needed to make her favorite meal.

By the time she arrived that evening I had everything setup absolutely beautifully.  We dined by candlelight and drank expensive wine.  I told her how much she meant to me and how sorry I was for letting work stuff get in the way of our relationship.  With a warm smile that bordered on being a sly grin, she accepted my apology.  After dinner we watched a movie then I told her about the meteor shower.  I wanted to watch it with her in my arms, so I said that in order for us to do this we would need to stay up as late as possible tonight, so that tomorrow we would have the necessary strength to see it for as long as we could.

But this wonderful idea struck her as being so romantic that she couldn’t wait until tomorrow to do it.  We talked for a while then went outside and laid atop a blanket, wrapped ourselves in each other’s arms, and gazed up at the heavens.  I’ve read in numerous places and witnessed with my very own eyes, that the Perseids offer at least one shooting star a minute… and this year was no exception.

The temperature was absolutely perfect that night, so time just seemed to melt away.  We talked about family, friends, and all the memories that we’d shared together, and every minute or so a flash of light would tear across the sky.  No matter how many times this happened it always seemed like it was the first one we saw together.

There we were, just the two of us with all those rocks burning up in the atmosphere, riding with the light.