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Bright Uplifting Days

We all know that too much sun is a bad thing. Overexposure to harmful radiation can cause skin cancer and lead to faster aging. After all, overexposure to anything is never a good idea. Even a favorite song can become the bane of one’s existence if listened to often enough. The key is everything in moderation… right? But in all honesty, how can anyone stay out of the sun and all that it provides?

The sun is the giver of all life. Without the sun, plants couldn’t grow, animals couldn’t eat and we’d all starve. No wonder ancient civilizations looked upon the bright sphere with wonder, adoration and fear… the sun giveth and the sun taketh away. Even modern medicine is mindful to its opposing wonders.

Science has confirmed that high doses of radiation can cause severe bodily injuries, but research has also proven the miraculous immunity booster of vitamin D3, the only vitamin that the body can synthesize from sunlight. And we all know how invigorating and revitalizing a day in the sun can be for both body and mind.

Sunny, summer days help awaken our inner, carefree child and remind us to pause for a refreshing and bright cause…

Rejoice in Sunlight

A most brilliant author once wrote, “And so with the sunshine and the great bursts of leaves growing on the trees, just as things grow in fast movies, I had that familiar conviction that life was beginning over again with the summer.” Well, F. Scott Fitzgerald certainly knew what he was taking about.

Summer has a unique way of ushering in a period of joyfulness and innocence. When we awaken to mornings of sunlight seeping in through the blinds, and open our windows to the chirping of birds and a light summer’s breeze, we can’t help but be in a good mood. Even if the night before was pure crap and stress, a bright morning helps wash away the muck and grim of our anxiety. Like the rising sun, our spirits are lifted and we just feel better…

It’s like we’re transported to a time of pure happiness and joy; a time when innocence reigned supreme and the dark edges of responsibility hovered in the space beyond our reckoning… childhood.

True, growing-up isn’t easy to do and there are certainly many lows experienced during our early years, but the naivety of childhood allows for moments untouched by the rigors of life. Besides, summer was always a period of good old fun.

We were free from all our burdens; free from school, homework, demanding teachers and unforgiving principals. Instead of days filled with schedules and dread, we had days filled with spontaneous adventures and excitement. It was a heaven that unfortunately becomes lost to arduous jobs and financial liabilities…

Let the Sun Rejuvenate You

But just because we’re grown up, doesn’t mean we can’t have fun in the sun.

Summer is the start of solstice parades and festivals, the start of numerous street fairs, and the beginning of sunset filled happy hours…everything an adult can be excited about.

So, let the brightness of the sun and summer seep into your bones and invade your being. Feel your spirit rise in the reminiscent innocence of childhood, and take opportunities to let loose and shed the heavy chains of life.

Summer is finally here, and the sun is calling… Go out and enjoy it!

One Response to “Bright Uplifting Days”

  1. ace Says:

    I definitely agree to you Daven, summer time is not just enjoying the heat of sun but also a way detaching oneself from the bondage of stress, of preoccupation, of social pressure, just like a child who is excited to play for the rest of the day. Moreover, the best way to make good summer is to spend time with family and friends.

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