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Beautiful Words of Wisdom Part 2 of 3

The Tragic Loss of a Loved One

Throughout my life I’ve been fortunate enough to meet and create memories with a vivid array of inspirational people.  I’ve worked and collaborated with well-known actors, musicians and artists, as well as having provided advisement for numerous captains of industry.  Some of them possessed wonderful insights which they were ready to impart at a moment’s notice, while others played their cards a whole lot closer to the chest…

So one of the many things I’ve learned thus far, and what my interactions with people continue to teach me, is that no matter who, what or where you are in the world (or for that matter, what stage of life you’re at) every single one of us possesses an array of wisdom which needs to be shared.

Imagine for a moment what our society would look and be like if all of us did this… If we didn’t have to constantly repeat the mistakes of past generations… Or fail to see the lessons that are staring us right in the face…

Everything would be better.

Fairer, and more just…

We’d all be striving toward self-actualization, instead of speeding down the chaotic road that far too many of us are on these days.

Until we all collectively forge a brilliant effort to share and unite the dazzling lessons we’ve already picked up, there’ll always be an achingly painful amount of us who continue to stumble.

Some will merely lead an unlucky life where they go through it being their own worst enemy, while others will pay the highest cost and those who’re closest to them will be forced to suffer the tragic loss of a loved one.

A Powerful Bout of Grief   

The most devastating piece of news I received during my trip was that my cousin had passed away.  Only a handful of years older than I, he died suddenly of a heart attack… Upon hearing this I was so stricken with a powerful bout of grief that for awhile I felt physically ill.  But as the hours began to pass and I had time to process the news, unfortunately I had to accept the sad notion that this didn’t really surprise me.

Accepting and Facing the Reality of Death and Dying

My cousin was a good and genuine soul who was full of energy, but his lifestyle was just too hard on the body.  All the drinking and smoking eventually caught up with him, so the truth of his tragic demise is simply that it was brought on far too early by his own reckless behavior.

But even now that I’ve had more time to think about it, I just can’t believe that he’s gone.  The night that I heard the news I decided of course to stay in.  After having a quiet meal I returned to my hotel room and spent the better part of the evening on my balcony in downtown Kiev, gazing out into the deep Ukrainian night sky.

My thoughts bounced around from the times we spent together growing up to the moments we shared as adults… But I didn’t do this the way most people do.  I thought of all the good times as well as all of the bad, which I’ve always felt one must do in order to keep life in perspective.  All of the memories you accumulate with someone matter of great deal, and I didn’t want to lionize or tarnish his image by cherry-picking how I was going to remember him.

I wanted everything at the forefront of my thoughts because if you don’t accept and face the reality of death and dying, it’s going to be virtually impossible to truly live.

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